Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Price – Ear & Drum Session 48

One of my favourite sites for good drum and bass is Wozowski's Ear & Drum, a great site for mixes of all sorts of dnb, his latest offering is a mix of the latest and greatest from 2011 thus far.

"Another mix of new stuff from the first quarter of 2011. This mix starts of in definite minimal territory and then heads towards the deeper and more melodic side of things.
A big shout to Seba who’s 12″ Nostalgia / Vanity is by far the strongest release of 2011 so far. Other notables are Unquote as always with his sublime track – We Breathe Yoghurt Lying On A Strawberry Bed, Duo Infernale for their remix of Panic Girl’s – Hide and Seek and 3D Stas – Surface of a Doomed Planet which is an absolute monster of a tune."

Unquote – We Breathe Yoghurt Lying On A Strawberry Bed
Gerwin – One Tone Trip
Kantyze – Hot Cold
Mindmapper – Respirator (June Miller Remix)
Rockwell – Rekoho Sunshine (X Untold)
Panic Girl – Hide and Seek (Duo Infernale Remix)
Quadrant – Rage and Rapture
Vospi – Reverence
Nu:Tone & Logistics – Bleeper
Seba – Nostalgia
Chook feat. Claud Muno – You Are All You Have
ATP – Hey There (Enea Remix)
Seba – Vanity
Wreckage Machinery & blue Motion – Dream On
3D Stas – Surface of a Doomed Planet

Grab the mix from here:


  1. thank you for posting tihs, i got some mixes from this dude from like... 4 year ago now. great post cheers.

  2. Looking forward to giving this a listen. been getting back into drum'n'bass recently. Check out the new Rockwell mix thats up on Fact, really good stuff

  3. Oo i like the look of that tracklist! Since soundcloud is screwing me over on the Rockwell FACT mix i'll give this a listen now

    definitely keeping an eye on E&D from now on too

  4. graphic is the best part!

  5. Only really just getting into this sort of dnb, but liking what I hear.

    Rockwell, Jubei, Icicle, Elemental etc. Will check that FACT mix too.