Tuesday, 29 March 2011

not gonna get my hopes up, but . . .

" . . . I had this bunch of tunes for my 2nd album that were dark tunes, and I just scrapped them. I took ages on them. . . I worked for hours on these tunes, and I was trying to learn these programmes. These tunes were darker, more technical, all the tunes sounded like some kind of weapon that was being taken apart and put back together again. . ."
". . . Next album maybe I'll gather my forces, make a true darkside Burial album. Step up and do it. . ."

Quotes from a Burial interview I read recently, which you can find here. It's well worth a read if you're a fan of his music.


  1. I got excited over that too, but then i was worried that if he tries to do things differently that it'll lose it's rough edge/soul. I have faith in him though..

    Also that bit about how he never uses the internet... o_0

  2. i know. . .
    where does he watch porn o0

  3. Wire: People on the internet, saying he can’t possibly have done that whole album in Sound Forge.

    Burial: Really? Yeah well I did. I'll leave those people to their internet or whatever. Yeah I wish sometimes that I’d gone to college to learn music production, but other times I’m like ‘no, fuck, I’m happy I didn’t’.

    I don’t really go on the internet, it’s like a ouija board, it’s like letting someone into your head, behind your eyes. It lets randoms in.

    Such an odd dude. I really don't know what would have happened if his tunes got any darker than they already are.

  4. You guys got all the darkside references right? Burial is Loefah is funtcase is dj darkside.


  5. The EP that just come out was on point. Really hope that there is a new album.

  6. The way B uses the term "random" implies that he has experience either with the net or online game, which is, again, the net.

  7. I'd love to hear some of that dark stuff. I can actually imagine the darker side of Burial. Even the stuff on the first album has that sort of faint glimmer of hope in it. If he took that out and just took it right deep and dark it'd be different but I can imagine it.

    Also I read this interview again recently. Really intriguing guy.

  8. Sick nice link, always love a good interview.

  9. That interview never gets boring, would love to hear some of that dark stuff. Then again, i've not actually heard the new 12" yet, its sitting at home for me later on though. Been purposely not listening to it online.